How to take seeds of ripe cucumber


The growth speeds of cucumber are very quick and if I forget the harvest of them for a day, they will grow so big.

So big cucumber do not good taste compared with just the right size, I have keep them until ripe to take seeds for next year.

That’s why, I will introduce how to take seeds of ripe cucumber.


Grow the cucumber for taking seeds

First, let’s grow the cucumber until ripe becomes the yellow color of their pulp.

As you know cucumbers have soft unripe seeds, but they will change to hard when become ripe.

Unripe seeds of cucumbers can be eaten without any problems.


At this time, I would like to take seeds from cucumber to use in next year’s cultivation, so I have to wait until change color to yellow for them.

As a point of caution, growing until ripe is a bad influence to the seedling because of suppies the nutrition to the pulp of cucumber.

Besides, when you grow the F1 hybrid-type seedlings of cucumber, their seeds in the ripe pulp might not take over the parent seedling’s characteristics.

I recommend considering that the child seed’s characteristics are not same as the parent seedling before taking the seeds.

Cut open the ripe cucumber to take seeds


The cucumber will grow so big like the above photo of the cucumber that grew up almost 30cm long.

When cucumbers are enough ripe, cut open them and take out the seeds.

Carefully cutting divide the seeds do not break


I have carefully cut the ripe cucumber with a knife do not break the seeds.

Unfortunately, this cucumber didn’t have many seeds in the pulp even though it was so big.

Cucumbers normally do parthenocarpy but also they easily pollinate from the other cucumber.

If there are seeds, it must have been pollinated, but aren’t they too few seeds?


This area of cucumber didn’t have any seeds.

Where ran away the seeds in the seeds space?


This area of cucumber also has a few seeds.

I took out the seeds by using a spoon and scraped out them in a colander.


Remove the jelly-like part of the seeds and dry them


Even though the cucumber was that big, it was the only one that had seeds.

I can’t help but feel disappointed, I took the jelly-like part of the seeds and dried them.

There are three ways to remove the jelly and dry the seeds,

  1. Collect the cucumber seeds in the vinyl bag and keep them for a few days to corrupt the jelly
  2. Wash the corrupt jelly on the seeds by water
  3. Take out the seeds on the kitchen paper and remove the jelly

I think the major way to remove the jelly is number 1.

It’s true that if you leave tomatoes with jelly-like parts on them for a few days, they will rot and become easier to remove.

I recommend to challenge the removing for the first time the way of removing jelly-like parts is the number 1 way.

To challenge the removal of jelly-like parts with seeds for the first time, I recommend the number 1 way.

The way of number 2 is washing the jelly by water but the jelly parts contain germination inhibitors.

This way is not recommended as it involves removing this germination-inhibiting ingredient and adding water that promotes germination.

But I think washing way is not a bad way because adding water is a short time and dries the seeds quickly after washing.

I recommend the third way in case of not so many seeds when removing the jelly.


That’s why, I have chosen the way number three.

Push the jelly-like parts of cucumber seeds to kitchen paper politely and remove it.

It’s easy when there are so few seeds, but if you have a lot of them, it’s nothing but a hassle, so I don’t recommend it.

Select the seeds submerged in water and dry


After removing the jelly parts of the cucumber seeds, submerge the seeds in the water and select the seeds submerged.

In the case of cucumbers, the full and good seeds sink in water.

If the seeds are empty, they will float and are not suitable for harvesting, so they will be thrown away.

In the case of zucchini, floating seeds seem to be good seeds, but the difference is not clear to laymen.

In this time, almost 50% of seeds were floated in the water.

Dry the seeds on kitchen paper


Collect the submerged seeds in the water and dry them on the kitchen paper.

Finally, I got only 16 cucumber seeds for next year’s cultivation.

I expected more seeds can be collected from that big cucumber but 16 cucumber seeds are enough to harvest them next year.

The cucumbers I bought have fewer seeds than spinach or bok choy, so I guess that means they tend to have fewer seeds.

I also took seeds from two other cucumbers and was able to secure over 80 seeds in total.

I think I will be able to enjoy cucumbers next year as well.

Let’s take seeds from ripe cucumbers for next year’s cultivation

This time, I introduced how to take out the seeds from ripe cucumbers for next year’s cultivation.

To take cucumber seeds is not difficult, only wait for the cucumber to ripen until the color to yellow.

However, just because the cucumbers are large doesn’t mean you can get a lot of seeds, and in the end, even after taking seeds from 3 cucumbers, I was only able to get about 80 seeds.

There are 80 cucumber seeds, so I can enjoy cucumber cultivation for a few years.

Let’s try to take cucumber seeds.