How to sprout from the seed of grapes after tasted


Grapes are famous and sweet fruit regardless in Japan and the other countris.

At this time, I would like to challenge seeding the grapes after eating it with my family to enjoy home made grapes after passed a few years because I felt it was so delicious bought by supermarket.

Grapes grow up vines, we can be grown in limited area and because of its nature we are able to start easily to grow the grapes rather than apples and oranges.

On that note, I would like to introduce how to sprout from the seed of grapes after tasted it.


Collected the grape seed after eating


1st step of raising from seed of grapes, let’s eat fresh grapes and enjoy tasty it.

I think that experience of testy grapes bring to foundness which cultivation of rasing from seeds.

After finished eating, collect the grape seeds and wash only water by hand carefully.

  • Grape pulp has Germination inhibitory ingredient
  • Seeds have dormant period

We can not shortened the dormant period for seeds but we can remove almost certainly the Germination inhibitory ingredient by washing politely.

Keep the seeds of grape in fridge to breaking dormancy

To breaking dormancy, keep the seeds of grape in fridge for about two months because almost of seeds have a dormancy period not limited to grapes.

For example, if sprout the seeds on fall to winter season, new sprout seeding will be exposed very severe enviroment with cold condition.

So, almost seeds have a dormancy period until best season to sprout and growing.


To keep the good sprout condition, I recommend to you wrap the grape seeds by paper towel before keeping in fridge.

When past about two months, you should check the seeds status regulaly to notice begining of grape sedds germination.

Grape seeds soak in water for a day after keep in fridge


After finish breaking dormancy, grape seeds soak in water a day to absorb plenty of water.

This procedure increase the sprout probability of grape seeds, so I reccomend this as a little effort.

Please note too many soak days will decrease the probability of germination by suffocation of seeds.

The rough guideline of soak time is until sink in water the seeds.

Sowing the grape seeds and cover with soil


After finish the soaking of grape seeds, let’s sowing these and cover with soil not too thickly.

Grape seeds have property of photophobic which do not need sunlight to germination.

The rough guideline of thickness for covering soil is two times of seeds height.


I know that seeds size show the property of photophobic or photophilic.

And I also know in my small experience for kitchin garden which the photophilic property limited to very small size seeds like a Brassicaceae.


Grape seeds sprouted in a month


I have very worried the seeds of grape might not germinate but these are sprouted in a month when I almost gave up hope it.

Even so, first time of sprouted some one, I could not notice what kinds of plant has been sprouted because I’m ever not grow up the grapes.

I have relieved that grape seeds are sprouted because I have seeded it covered with a soil  very rough procedure at this challenge.

There are not many sprouts of grape seeds but I should grow up these seedlings so carefully.

After sprouted two months, replanted to planter and growing very well


In my experience, cultivation in seedling pod is not good to grow speed, so I have replanted the grape seedlings to the big size planter.

After replanted these, I think grape seedling grow up very well.

But I should be decide the planting place on soil as early as possible not to hinder growth of grapes.

After sprouted four months, there is variation but steadily grow up


In August, our area have heavy rain and some seedling of grape was dropped all of leaf influence with this rains.

However, grape seedlings got back to good condition and height of these steadily increasing.

I hope all of grape seedling can be growth and harvest a lot of grapes.

You can start grape cultivation from seeds

I have shared my experience of seedling of grapes from seed at this time.

Fruit tree grow up so tall but grapes have a vines properties which can be cultivation limited space like a kitchen garden.

I’m interested in taste delicious grapes from these grapes seedling.

Let’s try cultivation of grapes from seeds.