How to sprout from strawberry seeds


In Japan, the strawberry tasted in the winter season but originally spring is the best season for strawberries.

Many strawberries are decolated on sponge cake, so just I think all take in strawberries all season but these are almost harvested in a greenhouse or depend on imported.

That important fruit of strawberries, do you know these have so many seeds in their pulp?

I always tried seedlings for many fruit seeds, strawberry seeds make me want to try to grow up.

That’s why, I would like to introduce that how to sprout from strawberry seeds.


Collect the strawberry seeds


First, let’s collect the strawberry seeds to sprout.

Strawberry seeds can be collected from sponge cake and fresh strawberries.

At this time I just collected the seeds on the sponge cake because out of season of strawberries.

Take away the strawberry pulp from the seeds


Strawberry seeds are located on the surface of their pulp, I have collected the seeds with their pulp.

These pulp cause decomposition and these have germination inhibitors, I have carefully taken away these pulp.

You can easily remove the pulp to push and slide on a paper towel.


I feel tired of removing strawberry pulp because the seeds are too small and endless work by so many seeds.

Strawberry seeds soaked in water for a day


Collected strawberry seeds are soaked in water for a day to suck water.

The reason why sucking water is increasing the germination rate but I don’t know clearly proposed as follows;

  1. Seeds shell change to soft
  2. Wash the germination inhibitor

In my experience, the way of soaking water behavior in good germination results and sorts good seeds and poorly done seeds.

Therefore, I have soaked in water for strawberry seeds for a day.


Seeding the strawberry seeds on the paper towel with moistened


At this time, I have seeded the strawberry seeds on the paper towel with moistened to check the changes of the seeds.

Strawberry seeds are characteristic of photophilic, so they need sunlight to sprout.

In the case of sowing the strawberry seeds are covered with soil to sprout, I have sowed on a paper towel to observe the changes in seeds.

I have to pay attention to the seeds every day that are not dried because a paper towel is easier to dry than with soiled one.

Sprouted the strawberry seeds in a month


I have found sprouted strawberry seeds after being sowed for a month.

Actually, I have noticed that the seeds of strawberries have a dormant period after being sowed on a paper towel.

After going through the stages of flowering, pollination, fertilization, and fruiting, the seeds become fully ripe and have the ability to germinate, but depending on the type of vegetable, there are cases where seeds do not germinate just by sowing them. This phenomenon occurs because the seeds naturally go dormant as they mature, and is called primary dormancy.

Separately, when seeds are exposed to certain unfavorable conditions, they may enter dormancy in order to withstand the conditions; this is called secondary dormancy, and germination is also inhibited during this dormancy. Several types of vegetables, such as lettuce, burdock, and spinach, have this property, and they can be sown either by waiting for them to wake up or by breaking dormancy.

Takii Seedling Co., Ltd. > The dormancy period for a seed

The dormancy period of strawberry seeds are categorized as primary dormancy.

Strawberry seeds sprouted in a month this time but the period of primary dormancy normally for three or four months.

I was lucky to sprout the seeds but I recommend keeping the strawberry seeds in the refrigerator until they pass the dormancy period.


In my experience, growing on a paper towel causes poor growth, so I have planted in the cap of PET bottles until the strawberry seedlings grow bigger.

After growing the seedling bigger than now, I will replant to the seedling pot.

I will nature with care these seedlings of strawberry.

You can sprout from strawberry seeds

At this time, I have introduced how to sprout from strawberry seeds.

Strawberry seeds have a dormancy period, so you should keep them in the refrigerator for three or four months to pass it.

After passing the period of dormancy, you can sow the strawberry seeds and carefully treat them not to dry condition.

Moreover, you have to pay attention even if you have succeeded germination of strawberry seeds because these seedlings are very small and poor.

Sprouting the strawberry seeds takes time and effort, but you can enjoy the harvest of red ripe strawberries when you have grown strawberry seedlings splendidly.

Let’s try the cultivation of strawberries from the seeds.